A BUYER can generally be expected to pay:

·         ½ of Escrow Fee

·         Title insurance premium (Lenders Policy)

·         Document preparation fee (if applicable)

·         Notary Fees

·         Recording charges for all documents in buyers name

·         Termite inspections (according to contract)

·         Termite work (according to contract)

·         Home Warranty (according to contract)

·         Homeowners Association Transfer fee (according to contract)

·         All new loan charges expect those negotiated for the seller to pay

·         Interest on new loan from date of funding to bring loan payment  current

·         Assumption/Change of record fees for taking over an existing loan

·         Beneficiary statement fee for assumption of existing loan

·         Inspection fees (home inspection, roof, geological, etc.)

·         Fire Insurance premium for first year

Owning a Home
Mortgage interest is tax-deductible
Each mortgage payment goes into building a nest egg for your family
Equity in your home can be used to pay for your kids to go to college
Your payments stay the same with a fixed rate loan
Your children get to play in your yard
You do laundry whenever you feel like it
You enjoy greater privacy
Pride of ownership

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