Silver Lake is another neighborhood that flows into different set communities of Northeast Los Angeles. Silver Lake is a community that is a vibrant part of the entertainment, music and film culture within various official parts on N.E.L.A.

Here is a neighborhood that is divided between the zip codes of 90039 (Atwater Village) and 90026 (Echo Park), with small part into the Sunset Junction area of Los Angelesin 90029. Hyperion and Fountain Avenues separate Silver Lake from Los Feliz and the 90027 ZIP code. Quite a unique position for any neighborhood to be in.

Silver Lake has a fair share of businesses, but is better known for its residential areas. It has a wide variation in ethnic groups and subcultures, including a large Gay population second to Hollywood. The community has an approximate number of around 40k residents.

Silver Lake is a hilly neighborhood and best known as an eclectic gathering of hipsters and the creative class. A stroll on Sunset Blvd. on a Sunday morning will substantiate the status of a hip crowd in the area.

The neighborhood was named for Water Board Commissioner Herman Silver, who was instrumental in the creation of the Silver Lake Reservoir, located within the neighborhood. Silver Lake contains some of the most famous modernist architecture in North America. Architect Richard Neutra, designer of many homes in the area, built his own home on Silver Lake Boulevard. The house still exists, and is visited by architecture fans and students. Neutra’s offices were nearby on Glendale Boulevard. The building signage bears the name of his firm. A block east of Silver Lake Blvd. and near Neutra’s home is Neutra Place, home to several homes he designed.

During the 1930s, Walt Disney built his first large studio in Silver Lake at the corner of Griffith Park Blvd and Hyperion Avenue, now the site of Gelson’s Market. A few blocks away on Glendale Blvd was the studio of Tom Mix. The location is now occupied by the Mixville shopping center. It is rumored that Mix buried his steed “Tony, the Wonder Horse” on the property. The neighborhood is crisscrossed by numerous municipal staircases that provide pedestrian access up and down the neighborhood’s signature hills. Among these are the Descanso stairs, Redcliffe stairs and the Music Box Stairs. The famous flight of stairs in Laurel and Hardy‘s film The Music Box are located between lower Descanso Drive and Vendome Street, as it winds up and around the hill. Gentrification has intensified in the neighborhood, including the opening of many stylish independent boutiques, coffee shops, fitness studios, and restaurants.

The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council was formed in the early 2000s and certified a part of the City of Los Angeles in a different type of setting since it is not an ”’official’ neighborhood per the City regulations.

Since the 1990s, Silver Lake has become the center of the alternative and indie rock scene in Los Angeles. The neighborhood is home to two major street festivals each year: the Silver Lake Jubilee, held in May and the Sunset Junction Street Fair, held in August. The Silver Lake Jubilee, a more recent addition, features live music by local musicians, local artists and community businesses. The Sunset Junction Festival features larger, national musicians and has been the home of many well known musicians. Dangerbird Records was founded in Silver Lake, and is currently located in Silver Lake. Silver Lake has also been the home of independent record label Epitaph Records for many years now. It is the setting of the song “From Silver Lake” by Jackson Browne, as well as the song “Sleepless in Silverlake” by the band Les Savy Fav.

Poetry aside, Silver Lake is also home to a bustling Greenwich Village vibe. In this midst, Creative Environments of Hollywood, Inc. has built the Westmoreland Lofts on the edge of the area. The Westmoreland Lofts is ideally positioned within reach of Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles and, of course, the energy of Silver Lake. The Westmoreland Lofts industrial character pays tribute to its past as a fabric dyeing factory and warehouse. A far cry from the machine laden factory floor, the renewed interior is a perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality. Spacious units feature polished concrete floors and 24′ exposed structural wood beams. Original factory windows and skylights deliver sweeping city views and generous natural light. The effect is an inviting retreat fit for both work and play.

Real estate in Silver Lake has a very broad range of types, character and size. It takes a knowledgeable Realtor to be able to express the benefits of all the different pockets in this popular and desirable living community. Prices can range from the $400k mark to over a million and easily changed within a few street difference.

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