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Administrator With Will Annexed: A person appointed by the court to administer the estate of a person who died with a will, but this person was not named in the will to act as personal representative. Also known as Administrator.

Blocked Accounts: Cash or securities that are placed in a bank, trust company, insured savings & loan or insured brokerage account, subject to withdrawal only upon court order or statute.

Codicil: An amendment or supplement to an existing will.

Conservatee: A person determined by the court to be unable to protect and manage their own personal care or financial affairs, or both. And, for whom the court has appointed a conservator.

Conservator: A  person or organization appointed by the court to protect and manage the personal care or financial affairs, or both of a conservatee.

Executor: Person named in a will to carry out the directions as set forth in the will.

Fiduciary: A person or organization that manages property for a person with a legal responsibility involving a high standard of care. EX-conservators, guardians, trustees, personal representatives and agents.

Holographic Will: A will that is completely handwritten, dated and signed by the person making the will.

Intervivos Trust: A trust set-up during the lifetime of a person to distribute money or property to another person or organization.ithout a will. Opposite of Testate.

Limited Conservatorship: A type of conservatorship for developmentally disabled adults.

Petition: A written, formal request, properly filed with the court, for a specific action or order.

Probate: Legal process of administering a will.

Revocable Trust: A trust in which the person making the trust retains the power to revoke the trust.

Successor Fiduciary: The next person or organization appointed if a vacancy arises in a conservatorship, guardianship, or decendent’s estate because of the fiduciary’s death, removal or resignation.


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