Well Mt. Washington is a part of Glassell Park that holds its own upscale status based on a number of factors.

  • One is the renowned elementary school, that many move into the community for.
  • Two is the custom homes that are abundant.
  • Three is the views to be had.
  • Four is the community involvement.
  • Five is the quality of life.
  • Six is the positive real estate.
  • Seven is the parks & recreation.

So the lucky 7 brings you benefits and value that this hillside neighborhood offers to every resident. An important aspect of living on the ‘hill’ is that you will exercise on a daily basis. Why is this statement made? Well the ‘hill’ is mostly up and down in streets, in stairs of homes, in stairs to enter homes and in just taking a casual walk alone or with your dog. The flat level geography of Mt. Washington is approximately 15% of the neighborhood. A place where many hike but only the strong bike. A part of Glassell Park that stands on its own with many renowned residents.

Mt. Washington was founded in 1909 as a luxurious suburb of Los Angeles. Wealthy Angelenos quickly snapped up its luxurious Mediterranean Revival mansions, which enjoy splendid views of both the Los Angeles Basin and the western San Gabriel Valley. As the mountain was far too steep for the construction of a proper road in the pre-automobile era, the new district instead was served by a funicular railway up the hill, which had its lower terminus at a Pacific Electric Railroad “Red Car” stop. Mt. Washington was eventually absorbed into the city proper as Los Angeles grew.

Mt. Washington’s boundaries are roughly El Paso Drive and Avenue 50 on the northeast, the Arroyo Seco on the southeast, Isabel Street on the southwest, and Division Street on the northwest. Neighboring communities include Eagle Rock on the north, Highland Park on the northeast, Montecito Heights on the southeast, Cypress Park on the southwest, and the majority of Glassell Park on the southwest.

Major thoroughfares include Mt. Washington Drive, San Rafael Avenue, Marmion Way, and Figueroa Street. The Metro Gold Line light rail line passes through the district and has a station near the Southwest Museum. The Pasadena Parkway (CA-110) runs along the district’s southeastern edge, adjacent to the Arroyo Seco.

In the 1950s and 1960s, some affluent whites built Modernist homes in the district, similar to those found in the Hollywood Hills or Brentwood. The district is generally considered the most affluent area of the East Side, and also contains the region’s largest concentration of non-Latino whites. In recent years, the area’s excellent quality of life and exquisite custom homes have made it one of the most desirable places to reside outside of the Westside.

Mount Washington is a very different neighborhood where the residents take extreme care of the area and home renovations are popular to bring the large older homes up to current standards from what the original owners had. All the homes in Mt. Washington are different as no two homes are alike. Developers are not allowed to put tract housing and there are no stores or condominiums presently in the area.  Many residents are long time and the senior community is very active in preserving the many parks and wild life. There is a strong political presence in the neighborhood due to the close proximity to downtown and the feeling of being away from the city but only 15 minutes on average to Chinatown and the Downtown establishments is an attribute. The area also sports a wide array of view homes that offer character and style. The elementary school is one of the best in the State and located on one of the main streets, San Rafael Drive. The narrow streets keep speeding drivers at bay and parking may be difficult depending on the specific location of a home. Dog walkers are a very popular sight in the morning and evening hours and there are always walkers and joggers going by.

Elyria Canyon Park is a 35 acre retreat in a beautiful natural setting. The park has numerous hiking trails and there are benches placed in strategic locations for persons to sit and just enjoy the sights and sounds of the canyon. Mount Washington homes can range in price starting at an average of $550k and up to over the million dollar mark.

Some notable residents;

Antonio Villaraigosa family, mayor of Los Angeles (2005-) and former speaker of the California State Assembly
Daddy Kev, acclaimed music producer and engineer
Marilyn Ferguson, author of several books including the Aquarian Conspiracy
Patt Morrison, Los Angeles Times columnist
Jack Smith, author and Los Angeles Times columnist
Guy Hendrix Dyas, production designer whose film credits include X2: X-Men United, The Brothers Grimm and Superman
Brian Sipe, Emmy winning makeup artist
Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Supervisor
Ed Reyes, Los Angeles City Councilman for council district 1
Click for more details on Mt. Washington; http://www.mountwashingtonalliance.com/index.html

Should you have any specific questions regarding the area just  contact me and lets have a discussion on what this exclusive part of Northeast Los Angeles is so sought after by many home buyers. Opportunity does exist for those that are well qualified and able to make a decision and see all the benefits that can be had. As a local resident Realtor and community activist the current and future of this neighborhood can be easily detailed with factual data.

Don’t delay and let the current opprotunity that this real estate market offers pass you by.

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