Let’s Keep Eagle Rock Rocking With Tunes

Well we are all aware of music festivals in Eagle Rock and the best is yet to come.This upcoming Saturday the 6th is the yearly annual music festival and it’s number 14. Yes, the 14th music festival has arrived on Colorado Blvd. on Saturday October 6th from 2 to 11pm.

Parking will be a nightmare so remember that there is a free shuttle bus running from the Eagle Rock Plaza Mall to the festival. Let someone else deal with the parking issues and hop on the free shuttle for that cool Eagle Rock Festival hospitality.

The Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock has once again done its community proud by putting on another great music festival with various bands along with food and a touch of arts and crafts. The Center serves not only Eagle Rock as it gets involved in other community events in Highland Park, Atwater Village and more.

A great event where you can take the shuttle in and stay for an hour or two then return later on for some more spice that will be presented as the shuttles will run consistently. A number of kid events will take place at the start and then the agenda will age as time goes on into the evening.

Drop by to see what the Eagle Rock community is all about and have a taste of its local residents out for a fun day. A number of local artist will be represented and Occidental will most definitely have its presence made aware of. A time to relax and just enjoy as the weather should be cool and comfortable from what is forecasted.

Should you desire to know more about Eagle Rock and what the community is all about then just drop me a simple note. As your local resident Realtor I support many local events and stay in tune with all the communities of Northeast Los Angeles. Take this Saturday off and go enjoy a fun filed day to relax with the locals. Just enjoy…

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