Special limited offer to all Northeast Los Angeles Home Buyers.

Reimbursement for your main home inspection cost when in escrow.


Contact me for exact details on this limited offer!


As much of a home that money will bring you is what my clients all want.

You are now about to embark on one of life´s most exciting and potentially rewarding experiences - buying a home.

Suggestions to help reduce stress.

1. Make a comprehensive checklist of things you like about the homes as we tour them. Make your list while the memories are still fresh.

2. Starting with the exterior of the home, note the condition of the roof, gutters and downspouts. Also note the state of the exterior finish and foundation. All these are good basic indicators of the level of maintenance the home has experienced. At this stage, you are gaining impressions and forming opinions. Your cursory inspection is not meant to take the place of a professional inspection, only to help you “short-list” the homes you are considering. Don´t necessarily overrule a property that needs some work; if you are up to the challenge and the price is right, it could be a good choice for you.

3. Inside, the general condition of the decorating and furnishings may give you more indication of whether the home has been well cared for or neglected.

4. Kitchens and bathrooms are high on the list of priorities and you are advised to make a careful examination here. Examine the condition of the appliances (assuming they are included in the sale), consider the cabinetry and storage space, check for leaks around the plumbing.

5. Living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms should be viewed in terms of your family´s lifestyle and furniture requirements. Bring measurements of your primary furniture pieces and a tape measure along for your home viewing tour.

6. With many people now working from home or using computers, is there a quiet space for these activities? What about hobby space? Parking facilities?

7. The condition of the renovations, repairs and the status of the electrical and plumbing systems are all vital parts of the checklist. Observe and make inquiries about insulation (power usage bills can be helpful, if they are available) and note soundproofing quality in the shared walls of duplexes, apartments, and town homes.

8. Ask for a TDS, Property Condition Disclosure Statement and if one is available, review it carefully.

9. Obtain the services of a qualified property inspection service, particularly where the home is of advanced age or in the case where your own observations suggest there may be issues to address. Be careful. In most jurisdictions, home inspection is still an unregulated industry. Ask for references.