Highland Park Gets Into The Food Trucks

Lineup is at Ave.63 & Figueroa St. with parking.

“Din Din a Go Go” is a weekly extravaganza  and started by the owner of Figueroa Produce.

Here’s a sample of different trucks and their menu. The diversity of Highland Park once again comes in the picture as noted here.

Lomo Arigato Truck: Japanese Noodle Creations by chef Eric Nakata.

Vizzi Truck  “French cooking techniques and mixing them with coastal flavors from around the world

Rokyo Ramen offers healthy spin on a comfort food

Grill ‘Em All heavy metal hamburgers.

India Jones Chow gourmet Indian food

White Rabbit fusion Filipino

mambojuicetruck,Liege waffles, the lesser-known cousin to the Brussels waffle.

Stop by and see a great variety and take a stroll to pick up some great produce while there. Figueroa Produce has become well known for its fresh products. It’s a nice community event that takes place every week for residents to benefit.

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Let’s go for coffee and chat about the immediate community with respect to the Highland Park Real Estate picture…
Highland Park  is a host to food trucks on Tuesdays near the local Farmers Market.

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