Highland Park is one of the trendy communities in Nor.theast Los Angeles that is rapidly becoming ‘the’ place to reside in Los Angeles for an affordable and realistic custom home with character not found in many other communities. The amount of Craftsman and even Victorian homes are abundant and the detail of wood work can be priceless.

Highland Park is located along the Arroyo Seco. It is within the Rancho San Rafael of the Spanish / Mexican era. Its boundaries are roughly the Pasadena Freeway (CA-110) and the city limits of South Pasadena on the southeast, the city limits of Pasadena on the east, Oak Grove Drive on the north, and Avenue 50/51 on the west. The district’s neighbors include Mt. Washington on the southwest, Montecito Heights on the south, Hermon and Monterey Hills on the southeast, South Pasadena on the east, Pasadena on the northeast, Eagle Rock on the north, and Glassell Park on the west. Primary thoroughfares include York Boulevard, Avenues 50, 54, and 64 and Figueroa Street. Highland Park is served by the Gold Line, a light rail system that largely runs at street grade parallel to Figueroa Street until turning east into South Pasadena at Avenue 61.  York Blvd. is presently going through a great revitalization period to attract new business and have it be more consumer friendly. The neighborhood council is strong in working to add value to the entire area in many ways.

Art and architecture have flourished in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles since its beginnings in the 1880s along the Arroyo Seco. The business district developed and grew in the 1920s and ’30s, a few decades after the residential area was established. The community is home today to about 75,000. Highland Park has one of the largest collection of historic homes. About 3,000 structures, including more than 100 designated as historic cultural monuments by Los Angeles’ Cultural Heritage Commission, make up the Highland Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. A good portion located in the Garvanza pocket adjacent to the South Pasadena border.

Every popular Southern California architectural styles from the late 1880s to the 1940s is represented, from Queen Anne Victorian and Craftsman to Mission and Tudor Revival. Highland Park also has many transitional-style homes that blend elements from more than one period. A recent influx of modern homes have also entered the arena that are now seen.

Highland Park also has more than a dozen eclectic galleries, which showcase art, music and/or performance. The venues range from Rock Rose Gallery, featuring art, music and performing arts, to Ave. 50 Studio which host artistic appreciation nights on a regular basis. These newer venues are intermingled with such venerable sites from the turn of the last century as the Judson Stained Glass Studio, the Southwest Museum and the Charles Lummis house.

Because of the picturesque neighborhoods in and around Highland Park, many movies are filmed here. Resevoir Dogs was filmed largely in Highland Park. Cutter’s Way, starring Jeff Bridges was filmed on Aldama Street and the dance hall scene in La Bamba was filmed at the VFW hall on Avenue 57.  It is not uncommon to drive around the community and see filming taking place at all hours of the day and night and prominent film personnel standing around.

HIghland Park is a great area for investment and to obtain a very unique home with character. Home renovations are very popular due to the amount of Craftsman and Victorian era homes. The community council is active in improving the area and welcomes all new members and there is also a strong Chamber of Commerce. The main streets for business are York & Figueroa Blvd with a large number of Hispanic Restaurants ranging from Mexican to Salvadorian food. The vegetarian community also has the Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant  and the Young Girl, a Vietnamese venue. The Historic Police Museum is located on York Blvd. and there is a growing senior center at the intersection of York & Figueroa Blvd. The community hosts a variety of yearly events ranging from a Holiday Parade to Exotic Car Shows. The area schools are in the lower mid range of academics but programs are being put in place for improvement. Highland Park has much history going back to the late 1800′s and was a gateway to the City of Los Angeles.

The present-day community of Highland Park has not forgotten its heritage. It has embraced its historic resources in a way that no other community of Los Angeles can claim. It also contains the highest concentration of registered Los Angeles City Historic-Cultural Monuments. This work has been accomplished in less than 15 years with the leadership of a dedicated grassroots preservation organization, the Highland Park Heritage Trust.

A world of food is apparent as one strolls the main boulevards. A number of fragrant bakeries perfume the neighborhood  but of special note is Antigua Bread at 5703 N. Figueroa. Recently opened by three denizens on a quest for a good cup of joe, Antigua boasts a full kitchen as well as homemade pastries like the sweet and savory pan gusano. Cafe De Leche is another new spot of Ave. 50 and York that has become a place extremely popular with the young family crowd. Neighborhood pub meets East Coast style at The York (5018 York Blvd.), the place to get an heirloom tomato and burrata cheese salad and a microbrew. Galco’s Soda Pop Stop (5702 York Blvd.) sells an orgy of over 500 specialty sodas (i.e. Mint Julep and Manhattan Special) and 450 off-the-beaten-track beers. The father of owner John Nese opened the place in 1955, when Italian Americans reached a critical mass in Highland Park. The deli counter is still open, serving
old-style wholesome sandwiches.

Homes in Highland Park sell on the average of 45 days if priced right and have a value that will surprise many in today’s real estate market. Homes may range fro the $200k , for a fixer to the $900k mark. Seeking property in this up and coming community requires investigation to understand all the benefits presented based on the specific location.

Seeking additional details on this community then click here; http://www.historichighlandpark.org/

Should you want to discuss what real estate offers a home buyer than speak to a Realtor that works the area and is an active community activist working to improve the quality of living in this neighborhood. A simple meeting can be arranged at a local spot and the market trends on the community can be discussed. Never an obligation but just part of the service to increase the awareness to the neighborhood and all it offers.

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