Glassell Park is one of the largest areas of Northeast Los Angeles and has a variety of pocket communities within its borders.  The neighborhoods of Mt. Washington and Verdugo Village both fall in the area of Glassell Park. The range os housing is quite different as some pockets have exclusive view homes, others with standard character homes and many hillside properties. The residents range from Anglo, Hispanic, Filipino and Asian with a very diverse income ratio.

The land that would become Glassell Park was originally part of Rancho San Rafael, granted in 1784 to Spanish army corporal José María Verdugo. Attorney Andrew Glassell received part of Rancho San Rafael from the lawsuit known as the Great Partition of 1871. Glassell eventually settled in the area with his family, for whom many streets, including Toland Way, Drew, Andrita and Marguarite Streets are named.

The development of Glassell Park began in the early 20th Century, as subdivisions between Verdugo and San Fernando Roads began to be sold in 1907. In 1912, the city of Los Angeles annexed most of Glassell Park, annexing the remainder in 1916. The Glassell family continued to subdivide their land, selling off what is now Forest Lawn Memorial Park during the Great Depression. The growing neighborhood was served by a line of the Los Angeles Railway, which traveled in the median of Eagle Rock Boulevard towards Eagle Rock. Today, Glassell Park is rediscovering its history from the Verdugo era. Glassell Park also hosts the historical road of trade between the Verdugo Rancho and the fledging Pueblo of Los Angeles. This road is called Verdugo Road, which historically met up with San Fernando Road.

The neighborhood has been significantly affected by the Southern California real estate boom that began in the early 2000s. An influx of middle-class families have moved into the neighborhood, attracted by the abundance of Craftsman homes and relatively moderate prices. The character and view homes are also extremely desirable in the upper end pockets of the area. Tract homes are not something one encounters all over this community and the neighborhood council is very active in improvements for all residents.

Located 5 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles, thoroughfares running through Glassell Park provide relatively easy access to most parts of Los Angeles, including Burbank Airport, the L.A. Zoo, Universal Studios, Pasadena and more. The Glendale Freeway runs through the neighborhood, connecting with the Ventura Freeway to the north and with the Golden State Freeway to the south and terminating shortly thereafter at Glendale Boulevard. Major arterial streets include Eagle Rock Boulevard and San Fernando Road. Glassell Park also has a designated bike lane along Eagle Rock Blvd. south of York. There is a movement to connect these bike paths with a larger grid that is presently being worked on by the Council office of Jose Huizar. A new high tech High School has also just been completed in the area as another plus.

Thinking to study this very interesting community with all its different pockets of homes is one that must be done with the assistance of a local Realtor. The variables are great in Glassell Park and the pockets of Mt. Washington to Verdugo Village range greatly in price and benefits. Let’s spend some time and chat about your objectives and true needs against what this area can offer for years to come. A detailed presentation can be done to inform you the differences found in the area and the pricing structures based on your specific needs. There is something for everyone in Glassell Park.

Contact me and let us arrange a time to chat about real estate today and where it can be in the years to come…