The community of El Sereno sits atop the Monterey Hills that separate the Los Angeles Basin from the San Gabriel Valley, and is the easternmost district in the city of Los Angeles. It is bordered by Monterey Hills and South Pasadena on the north, Alhambra on the east, University Hills on the southeast, City Terrace on the south, Boyle Heights on the southwest, Lincoln Heights on the west, and Montecito Heights on the northwest. Principal thoroughfares include Huntington Drive; Valley Boulevard; Eastern and Alhambra Avenues; and Soto Street.

It is a community that is predominately hispanic and has a large population of low income residents. The homes are often in need of upgrades and repair but offer a well priced alternative to renting. El Sereno does have its specific pockets of nice larger view homes well maintained and presenting great value. Knowing the neighborhood and these specific pockets can offer a home buyer great value in today’s fluctuating real estate market. A home buyer or an investor can find great value in this neighborhood depending on the money that is available for a purchase. The neighborhood over the years has become safer and crime has been reduced consistently by the task force of LAPD.

Considering buying and eliminating the aspects of paying rent? El Sereno is the place to be for affordable housing for the person that is qualified with good credit. Prices can range from the $250k mark and up based on the exact location and the specifics of the seller. Let’s get together and chat about what benefits buying in El Sereno can bring to you. We can go to a local spot on Huntington Drive, the mail boulevard, and reveiew the market trends and what is presently available.

Contact me today and let’s get home ownership into your life with all the benefits it offers. Drop me a note as there s no obligation and just an interesting conversation.