Eagle Rock Bike Lanes


Hi there, do you live in Eagle Rock or thinking about living there? Eagle Rock home buyers and Eagle Rock home sellers are doing well due to the location and great commuting available. Presently only 19 homes actively for sale and a price range from $400k to just over $2mill. So there is something for everyone.

The big discussion today is the making of a specific bike lane on Colorado Blvd. The issue has been a topic of debate for several months and now coming to an end. Shop owners say it will take away business and make it more difficult for autos to stop and park. The question is will a bike lane change the way of life for those that travel Colorado Blvd. on a regular basis.

Councilman Huizar is listening to all ideas but in my opinion I believe it will happen very soon. Recently there have been some heated confrontations as Northeast Los Angeles has a very large bicycle coalition.

Eagle Rock becomes more and more diversified as with the 19 homes for sale there has been a total of 18 homes sold with a range from $339k to $829k. Home to Occidental College there is a large college community along with families living there for decades. Eagle Rock Blvd. and Colorado Blvd. is the heart of town and always a busy intersection.

The bikes are coming and it will be an interesting change as more and more residents take to the two wheel travel.

So if you would like to know more of what is going on in Eagle Rock culture and growth just drop me a line. As a Northeast Resident Realtor being involved in community affairs is a way of life. One wants a local Realtor that knows the property values and the diversity of the locations in Eagle Rock for the best fit for a family. Let’s chat while the market is right and the interest rates remain low.

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