Doing A Home Search In Northeast Los Angeles?

So most home buyers and also home sellers always seem to go to the free popular sites for a search of housing information. The sites of Zillow, Trulia and are extremely popular with the consumer. The point I mention is accuracy. Yes it’s accuracy that makes the difference when seeking information on the housing market.

As a local resident Realtor in Northeast Los Angeles, I have a Home Search Page on my website. The website page is tied directly into the Boards Multiple Listing Site and as accurate as you can get. On my Home Search Page the consumer is able to view all the information a Realtor can directly from the ‘same source’ and then additional details are also supplied for the immediate area.

The service is NOT FREE. It has a monthly cost and put there for the benefit of potential and existing clients to obtain actual accurate details. The site is updated more than once a day unlike the free consumer sites. The Zillow, Trulia and are updated in some cases every few days and not maintained with reliable information.

Yes, it is quite often a call is received where a person advises me of a listing they are interested in only to find out it is in escrow or even cancelled. If you are seeking true data then go to a Realtors Home Search site as most Realtors pay for this special service that often goes unused by the consumer.

Need local info the visit my Home Search Page you will be pleased and it cost you nothing as the monthly fee is part of my business. Not all the pay sites are the same and some offer different details included to the specific community. I strive to have the best for my clients so please check it out.

Seeking details on Northeast Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California then jump on my site and get true details. You deserve it and I pay for it. Take advantage and then contact me for more precise information. We are all aware that location if the prime denominator, so go for it. Let’s chat as it cost you  nothing but a little time…

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